By using 3D modeling software in combination with Google Earth Pro, we are able to create geo-located project placement. This enables you to get a strategic logistical idea of how your project is going to look and flow. It is a great tool when you are in the early phases of a project to see potential problems, and to be able to show people in other locations details of the project. Also, you are able to place callouts for various important proximity factors.

We have been using this process for over 5 years now. Here is an example of a still image that is produced from this process:

Jordan Gateway Projects

Once the model is in place, there are limitless options of what can be done with it.

To get an idea of how movies can be recorded in Google Earth, have a look at the sample video below. It is simply meant to be a sample to illustrate this process.

[vimeo id=”131143915″ align=”center” mode=”lazyload” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”640″]